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WHAO Awards Banquet, Feb. 18,2017

The Walking Horse Association of Ohio annual awards banquet was held in Canton, Ohio on Saturday, February 18th.
The attendance was large in numbers and spirits high. Lots of friends, exciting conversation, laughter and smiles. Add tasty food, cold drinks, hot coffee and the party is on.
Many awards were presented to honor the horse and rider’s performance throughout the year. The efforts were complemented through shiny ribbons displaying ratings—high point, champion, reserve, etc….plus classic awards as trophies, plates, etc…. Also possibly the best of awards—the applause of our peers, our pat on the back so to speak. The evening included praise, affirmation, and acknowledgement of skillos.
Maple Crest in specific was awarded the High Point Champion-weanling (Major Dante). Angela Barbour also received an award for her efforts.
Onward to the live auction—a high point of fun in the evening. The auctioneer stepped to his podium, called his assistants (Bryce & Brendin Morris) to attention and began the auctioneer’s song. The bidding became active with the presented items quickly sold and delivered to the tables by Paul and David. Along with the heated bidding there are “RUMORS” of large hugs, kisses, and laughter shared with the deliveries. Could this be a new promotional avenue for the auctioneer?
Appreciative thanks go to all who made this a night to remember. We all can share in a moment but many can share in a memory years from now. “Thanks”.

Terrance & Joyce Moyer

MOWHA Awards Banquet, January 21, 2017

On Jan. 21, 2017 the MOWHA Awards Banquet was held at the Ontario Event Center in Mansfield, Ohio.

Many “Thanks” are offered to those in the planning and coordinating from us who were the participants.

Margaret Barbour gets our thanks for her “snappy” camera. All those camera flashes at all of our events, shows, etc… she edits then sends the selections to Susie Mackanos who manipulates those, with other pictures sent to her, to create a pictorial enlightenment of our past year. Some are funny, some sad, some just plain outrageous but always with good taste. This year Susie entered a picture in the middle of the series of a man, bare chested, heavily muscled, holding a horse by his side. The caption read “Stare at this picture long enough and you’ll see a horse.” Many eyes in the room focused on that snapshot but it took several views to see the horse. Lots of laughter was had over this tricky photo. Good job, Susie.

Attendance was high with new members both adult and youth. Many awards, plaques, plates, and ribbons were presented by Meg Ranft and Nancy Eakins for many divisions.

I was able to present information on trail riding, the keeping of hours of riding, and what is accountable to qualify the hours.

Joyce presented the latest changes in the tax forum as it relates to equine programs.

A good meal was shared, the conversation flowed, the friendships shared was warming, and the thrill of achieving a high point award for you and your horse’s efforts in front of your peers was gratifying.

A special night was enjoyed by all!

Now to dream and prepare for the 2017 banquet.

Terrance & Joyce Moyer

It was a gorgeous day out at Maple Crest Farms yesterday! We all had a lot of fun cleaning horses and riding! We had horses grazing in the back (see Topaz), Blakely got her first ride on Savannah, Makelya returned to ride Captain, and Olivia came out to ride Cinnamon! Praying for more beautiful weather in the future!

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